Swimming Pool – Is It Important Or Not?

Swimming pools are important in many peoples lives and have many positive aspects which are usually focused on but also have some negative aspects.  Since public swimming pools must accommodate many people, strong chlorine must be used in order to prevent the people who use the pool from spreading germs, such as harmful bacteria.  Even in private home pools, the water must still be sufficiently chlorine-treated.  While chlorine works effectively to kill certain germs and protect people from the spread of these harmful agents, it can also have adverse effects on the human body.

Swimming Pool - Is It Important Or Not?

I’ll start first with the numerous benefits of swimming pools. Obviously they provide a place for people to swim, which is a great exercise.  Swimming is a very beneficial exercise for people of all ages, sizes, and other differing characteristics and generally leads to less injuries than other sports such as contact sports in part because of the buoyancy of the water.  Unlike contact/collision sports or other strenuous exercise which constantly wears away at the anatomy (tendons, muscles, ligaments) of the human body, swimming usually leads to lean muscles and if done correctly doesn’t allow much room for injuries as severe as some other sports.

Compared to a sport such as rugby for example, in which players are constantly colliding into each other leaving much opportunity for serious injuries since swimming is in water and doesn’t actively involve colliding with other players, it has less opportunity for injuries. Of course overuse-type injuries can still happen in any exercises, it occurs less often in swimming and so swimming tends to be a more sustainable exercise that one can continue even later in life and often with injuries without exacerbating old injuries.

Swimming can even be used to maintain exercise with injuries and be used to help heal.  From personal experience, when recovering from injuries one of the first exercises I was allowed to go back to by physical therapy was swimming and has helped me overcome injuries.  In this way and others, swimming can be used as a soothing therapy for the body’s muscles, ligaments, etc. and is a good source of cardio.

Swimming pools can also be a place for socializing.  Pools can also be used for other sports besides just swimming, such as water polo and diving.  Pools can be found in gyms, rec centers, communities, hotels, personal homes. Even pools plays an essential role in collages as well.  Pools can be indoor in addition to just outdoor so they can be used year round.

However, pools can also cause harm to the body if one spends much time in the chlorine which is a strong chemical.  Research studies have found harmful effects of chlorine on the body, especially with direct exposure and have even found links between long-term exposure and risk of cancer and heart disease.  In its chemical form, it is a toxic agent.  Even used in small quantities dissolved in swimming pools, it can still harm humans with long-term exposure that’s why it’s important to limit exposure and be sure to wash off all the chlorine as soon as possible after swimming.


As familiar to anyone who has swam in a pool with chlorine in it, hair and skin becomes dried out and texture may even change over time.  There are specialized clarifying/cleansing shampoos to use to try to reverse the damage on hair but the efficacy of these have not been completely studied yet.  I’m sure they cannot reverse all the damage that chlorine causes the body.  Of course more chlorine exposure would cause more damage so the more swimmers

Sometimes accidents happen such as accidentally swallowing swimming pool water with chlorine in it but people, especially young children should be coached on how to limit the amount of water with chlorine in it that’s ingested.  Swimmers who must spend a lot of time in chlorinated pools practicing should take extra care to make sure they don’t ingest the water since they already must spend much time in the water.  Wearing the proper swimming gear, such as swimsuits that cover much of the body and earplugs and swim caps, can help to protect the body from the harmful effects of chlorine.

It is especially pertinent for the person who adds the chlorine to the water, usually lifeguards, to add precisely the right measurement.  Not enough chlorine wouldn’t stop the spread of germs but too much would be dangerous to people; especially if too much chlorine gets ingested it is toxic and so can even potentially prove fatal.  There are more natural products to use in water that can kill the germs and prevent their spread but chlorine is still more widely used and especially must be used in commercial and professional swimming pools.

Another reason for chlorine still being the primary chemical used to treat swimming pools might be that most people don’t know of possible alternatives.  More natural products which are less toxic can be used in private swimming pools but many owners of private pools are not informed about these less toxic alternatives.  Therefore, more awareness should be spread of not only how to avoid the potential dangers of chlorine (how to use swimming pools safely) but also safer alternatives which can also help to prevent and avoid the dangers.


Overall there are many pros of swimming pools.  They provide a place for people to get exercise which increases health.  Swimming is a safe and versatile sport/exercise in that it can be done by almost everyone, can be done throughout life (at practically all ages), and improves overall health.

Swimming pools also provide a place for socializing and generally positively effect peoples’ lives.  However,as there are drawbacks in addition to benefits of practically everything,there are also dangers associated primarily with the chlorine that pools must be treated with since chlorine is a chemical that can have adverse effects on the human body especially with increased exposure.

Everyone using swimming pools should be aware and informed on how to decrease they’re exposure to the harmful effects of chlorine so that they can use pools safely to maximize the benefits of swimming while decreasing the potential downsides.


Everyone wishes to have pool in their homes. It is the place where you spend most the time with your family members. The pool is a decorative symbol of the good house; normally people get attracted by it. If there is a big pools there have a big issue is generating that how to clean it. Normally people don’t have time to clean the whole people.They spend so much money to clean the pools. Unfortunately, they don’t get the satisfied result. That’s why they spend so much money on it. But there is no need to worry about this issue because here are the different kinds of gadget or vacuum cleaner available in the market.Which help to get rid out of this problem which help to remove the all dirtiness from the pool which easily not get rid out by the common person or tools.


There are several types of the vacuum cleaner are defined such as:-
1. POLARIS VACUUM: -This type of vacuum contains the wheel or little hoses in the behind of it. This hose is helping to observe the dust or also the wet material from the corner of the pool which is hard to take from an abnormal tool. This vacuum cleaner is the first choice of today’s people because it’s modified according to technology and also with time.

2.DOLPHIN TRITON:-This kind of vacuum cleaner consists of a candy swivel cable wire in it. This kind of wire helps to remove the number amount of the odd-City from the pool and give a better or sharp look to the pool. This wire is playing a very critical role in this cleaner. Without this wires you can’t take this vacuum one side to another side for cleaning purpose.

3.BARRACUDA VACUUM CLEANER: -This type of vacuum cleaner is mainly used in the pool also which have mobes under the surface of its. And also sharp blades outside of the cleaner. Its work automatically in an underground area where the normal tools are not doing the same the sharp area cleans the sides of the pool also. This is a little bit harder for a normal man.

4) ROBOTIC VACUUM CLEANER (HAYWARD TIGER SHARK):-As you see the name of the cleaner is describe the name of the wild animal. They are the strongest and fasts animal in the world. Similarly, this robotic vacuum cleaner is work like that and also in an automatic. The accuracy of this vacuums cleaner is super fast which is abnormal than the common tools.

CONCLUSION :- In the above description is defined that, these pool vacuums cleaner is most important gadget or tools. Which is critical for each band everyone how has a big water pool in their homes and hotels. Easiest way to clean the pool area.

What are the benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaner?

There are a lot of robotics cleaner uses for cleaning purpose. The pool is a beautiful property in the summer months, which can provide you a great place for fun with friends and you can enjoy the activities like picnic party or cook the meal on the grill or a place for rest and relax the body.


On the other hand, to make the pool attractive, the cleaning and neatness of the pond are very necessary. If you have trees around the pool area, then you will find a lot of trash deposit in the above pool area or inside the pool. These kinds of debris give a deserted or ugly look and also cause block filter or pumps potentially which lead tools failure.

To clean the pool, you can also hire the professional service from the reputed company. These companies provide you the expert or skill person that can do the whole task easily and quickly without causing any damage inside or outside the pool area.

So, the main benefit is cleaning the pool within a week or in a month to give them an attractive look. Below are the advantages:-

Energy proficient


Automated or robotic pool cleaner are very useful and requires less energy power when you start them for cleaning purpose. It requires 20 to 70 watts of power or running efficiently just like a bulb light.

Save your Money

It states above that robotic pool cleaners requires less power consumption, so it contains less electricity bill, which can lead to saves your lot of money.

Requires less maintenance

Today robot pool cleaners require less maintenance as they have an automatic turn off the system after finishing its work. You only need to eradicate the best pool vacuums filter or vacant the water or rubbish waste from the pump.

Ecological safe

Robotic pool cleaner maintains the ecological balance. They can’t expose the chemicals, gaseous product or excess heat in the atmosphere. These machines are very safe and manufacturer according to the environmental conditions.

Water saver

Robotic pool cleaners have an autonomous filtration system which can run individually from the main pool filter. Hence it can save your lot of water to eradicate the backwash.

Advance technology of cleaning


Robotics pool cleaners use the best technique to clean the pool surface. Its filter circulation system cleans the pools in well efficient manner. It can’t go after trash and eradicates physically when it can jam to the pool’s walls or float around. It can also protect it from the fungus building; extract bacteria and chemicals along with the dust, branches when you clean the underneath of the pool. It is the best cleaning method which can recover the pool cleanliness.

Use Easily

These cleaners require to plug with the power arched or some have a remote control. SO you can easily.

Suitable and Reasonable

These are available at affordable prices, and you can store it in pool shed or garage.

Fewer pool chemicals

With the use of robotic pool cleaner, you can lessen the chemical in the pool.

Expand the existence of pool filter

My pool vacuum says robotic pool cleaner can save the screen from the wear and tear and increase its life for an extended time.


Smart Cleaning With Pool Vacuum

pool cleaning

By the turn of the 21st century, everything came to be hectic, and every specific thinks about time as one of the most important commodity. This is the main reason that convenience food became so preferred, in addition to smart phones and also computer systems. In this pursuit to stretch or time spending plan, the term “multi-tasking” comes into the image.

When we listen to the word “multi-tasking,” just what enters your mind? Maybe envisioned as being able to look at your crush while hearing your dull teacher or as the facility as a secretary entertaining phone calls while completing her documents. However, usually, I am advised by my mother that aimlessly tries to finish the home jobs while being bale to hang around with us. This requirement was taken care of by an evolved variety of house devices, especially called Pool Vacuum cleaner.

Exactly what makes it stand-out from various other models as well as a business making robot vacuum cleaner systems? It includes iRobot’s one-of-a-kind AWARE Robotic Intelligence tracks. It uses loads of sensing units that monitor pool environment. Not only that, it likewise adjusts pool actions as much as 67 times per second. The end outcome is a vacuum that cleans wisely, effectively and also securely.

One more common query is what you can obtain from a robot vacuum cleaner which makes it much better than the regular vacuum? This is a lot more effortlessly clarified by picturing a situation. Let’s state after a long, hard day at the office, the youngsters arrived home with dirt-covered footwears tracking all of it over the clean carpetings, started having treats shredding food crumbs around while your snugly pet Pug includes in the mess by playing with the youngsters. This will most definitely drive most parents crazy, a great many thanks to the pool vacuum because, with its help, you can just relax, have fun with your kids and allow the robotic do all the benefit you. Rather like a pool cleaner, this wise robot relocates split seconds to vacuum as well as sweep up dust, dust, food crumbs as well as spilled cereal from hardwood floors, carpets as well as kitchen tile.

The vacuum cleaning system is comprised of a spinning side brush, two counter-rotating brushes, and an incredibly effective vacuum cleaner. The side brush supervises of cleaning along walls. On the other hand, the rotating brushes catch huge particles. Lastly, the vacuum cleaner picks up dirt as well as small particles. This tract permits it to clean far better in a single pass compared with normal vacuum cleaners thereby lowering prices and energy cost at the very same time.pool cleaner

A pool vacuum cleaner literally cleanses your entire floor by washing hard-to-reach areas which are usually the dirtiest ones. Its small shape is the reason why it had the ability to tidy totally under furnishings and also unrecognized locations in the house. It is quoted that on average, it, in fact, covers a location 4 times each cleansing pattern in a typical dimension room. This is made possible by its smart navigation of the area and also its capability to change cleansing time to attain complete insurance coverage. Just how can you gauge the performance of such product? The key behind a pool vacuum cleaner is its fantastic outcome is the application of a trademarked three stage cleansing tract. It is designed to cleanse not only the flooring, however, the edge of your wall surfaces too, travel through below all type of furnishings as well as identifies dirt like a professional detective.

Try a pool vacuum cleaner yourself and also start cleansing smartly from today forth. The most up to date addition to the collection are the pool Scheduler. Apart from the abundant features of the vacuum collection, this is smart enough to function without your management. Merely establish the timer to when it will start cleaning as well as it will do so. You can pick for it to start cleansing while the youngsters are at school. After cleansing, it will gladly go back to the docking station, fee itself, and also get itself prepared for the following scheduled time.

Robot is devoted to far better the Vacuum product line with the numerous upgrades made on the device. Each upgrade is lined with technology to exceed its precursor.Pool Vacuums deserve attempting. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner yet, today is the right time to examine it out.